HackerTrail is a cloud-based head hunter for the IT industry. We use clever technology and a proprietary approach to accelerate tech recruitment for our clients. More specifically, we use a targeted recruitment marketing to source prospects, active employer branding to engage them, and gamified skills assessments to provide employers with qualified candidates. Here’s how we’re different:

We’re a cloud-based solution, so we source candidates from across the globe if need be. But we don’t stop there – we use technology to engage candidates with the job opportunity, assess their skills and rank them on a leaderboard. As a result, our clients are empowered to focus on the top 10% of candidates.

We can reach out to hundreds of candidates in parallel, without restriction, saving an enormous amount of the hiring manager’s time. We don’t wait for candidates to show up – we go hunt for them!

#Cost effective
We work on a split fee model with a small fee per job campaign, and a modest success fee. On average, clients save 50% of their recruitment fee by using our services, and our success is tied to theirs.

…And we’ve been recognized by the industry! Our innovative and disruptive tech recruitment platform was awarded the Bronze Award in the Best Innovative Infocomm Product (Consumer) Category, at the SITF Awards 2015. Reach about us on TechinAsia, Recruitment International, Lifehack, and SkilledUp.

Seeing is believing – drop us an email at for a demo on how HackerTrail works, and to discuss our client success stories.

HackerTrail Recruit
Hiring top-notched technologists made simple and effective. HackerTrail Recruit works with clients to translate the typical dry job descriptions into custom, gamified challenges, and candidates are then invited via social media to complete them. By reviewing the challenge outcomes, employers are able to zoom in to the right candidates and find a match.

HackerTrail Arena
The Arena is an online multi-player, multi-level technical quiz game with real time results. The Arena empowers players (i.e. candidates) to participate in live technical tournaments using virtual currency. Each tournament can be configured to test one or multiple technical skills and consists of multiple rounds of challenges. The heart of this product is our proprietary judge which can process source code as well as multiple-choice inputs in real time. Each player’s mission is simple – eliminate opponents by cracking challenges as fast as possible, and progress to higher levels in the game. Winners are rewarded with badges and virtual currency, linked to a Rewards store. Players who get eliminated are provided with relevant tutorials to help them improve their skills. This product is ideally suited for career fairs and recruitment drives.